Thursday, 28 May 2009

Figures and Framing

Thought I ought to post some figures - nothing new but I have been messing around with frames, getting a few supplies and sorting out things this week. Life drawing starts again next week, yeay!

This was taken by the proud Dad on his camera phone, quite tricky to paint because it was a very bright sunny day with deep shadows but I think it came out OK.

Prize Winner - Oil on canvas board 8 x 10"

This is a sketch for a painting that has been knocking around for a while and was looking a bit bedraggled - fixative never totally works in my experience. So I tidied it up, painted a mat and framed it for someone who has taken a fancy to it. Had I known it was going to end up framed I would have done it on better quality paper and left a bit more headroom, we live and learn. Excuse the slighty wonky photo, trying to avoid reflections on the glass. Photographing art is an art in itself I am finding.

16 x 20" Charcoal on paper

Thought I would show the painting, still a bit short of headroom but if I ever get around to framing it I will use the floating type. Its the first of a series I had planned but I am still looking for the right reference material or it will be a series of one!

20 x 30" Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Small French Paintings

Small French Paintings is a permanent display of french impressionist and post impressionist paintings in the National Gallery of Art in Washington USA - my Mother and I spent a lovely day there a few years back and I thoroughly recommend it if you are passing!

My one-a-day-in-an-hour paintings that I attempted whilst staying with Sue and Nick in South West France are not quite of the same standard but hey, at least they were from life. Only two of them are worth showing but it was good practice and reintroduced me to the convenience of acrylics. One of the dogs kindly assisted me with my fruit composition before trying to eat it. (who knew dogs ate fruit-not me?!?!) I also attempted some quick people sketches at the airport, not sure looking furtive and suspicious at an airport is a good thing these days but it sure is excellent practice.

9 x 12" Acrylic on canvas board

8 x 10" Acrylic on canvas board

I am fond of simple paintings of modest objects and may have to do more of them, here are a couple I did last year of an oil lamp.

9 x 12" Oil framed under glass


I did this a couple of weeks ago, trying to keep it fresh and not overworked but there is more to do I think. My muse the lovely Suzanne is so natural and open and who can resist that wonderful hair, I hope to do more of her.

Oil on chunky canvas about 14 x 18 "

Friday, 22 May 2009

Artistic Mastery

Click on picture to enlarge.

To start things off I thought I would share something I found in my cyber archives. Sadly, I have no recollection of where I got this so am unable to credit the author. It made me smile when I read it again so I thought I would share. It sums up the life cycle of an artist pretty well.

I plan to list some of my favourite websites soon plus some of my recent work, Red Lady and some one hour paintings from my 'French' period in rural south west France. Twas raining all week though so think indoor objects rather than rolling countryside. My plein air phase will have to coincide with fine weather.

Au revoir mes amis.