Friday, 26 June 2009

Standing on the shoulders of giants - studies

Having not done any original artwork recently I thought I would post my most recent master study and some more from the past year or so. These are all done purely for educational purposes although I do give the occasional one away. I am plugging away at life drawing most weeks and doing a monthly workshop but need to seriously up my output.

Pastel study after Australian Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart 1883-1960

Pastel after Paul Sieffert 1874-1957 French

Oil study after Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum born in 1944 -

Another Odd Nerdrum oil study

Kinda liked how the background came out on this one.

John Singer Sargent study (American 1856-1925) although more of a palette knife experiment.

Anders Zorn Swedish 1860 - 1920 master of the limited palette

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