Monday, 23 November 2009

The Naked Man

I've been a bit quiet lately so I thought I would tell you a bit about my new weekly life class. Its a new class in a local community college and is tutored by a professional artist and adult educator. There are not many participants and it was on and off a couple of times before it actually commenced so I am hoping it will continue as so far I have found it to be very good. Its calm and organised, well planned and structured and with good well timed poses. It seems that I am the 'experienced' one in the class as until Nice Foreign Lady returned from holiday last week I was the only one who had done life drawing before.

This week we had a male model and Nervous Lady was worried and said she had only ever seen her husband naked. I tried to reassure her and told her she would soon find it the most natural thing in the world. Having been doing only long poses (an hour plus) the last few weeks I was surprised we suddenly changed to doing short poses, but not as surprised as the rest of them. I remember that panicky flustered feeling - 'how on earth are you supposed to draw a body in 10 minutes?' The model seemed a bit of a live wire, pulling in his stomach as the tutor was explaining the roundness of the form etc and joking throughout – quite unusual I thought. The most unusual thing though was in the breaks he just wandered around the quite tight space in the drawing area completely naked looking at our work and chatting away to us. I have never known a model not to put some sort of gown on and I was quite intrigued about how Nervous Lady was going to react but fortunately she was cool.

Anyway, at packing up time we found out that the guy wasn’t a professional model at all, had never done it before and was a friend of the tutor who had driven about 40 miles to stand in for a missing model. That explained a few things but he was a nice guy, a great sport and an excellent model who could easily turn professional. He kept really still and held the poses well and would definately be welcomed back.

I was chatting to a very experienced model a few months ago and he says although its daft he always has to go into another room or the Gents to change into his gown, even though he is going to be nude infront of everyone a few moments later. Strange etiquette in this line of work eh?

So here are a couple from this session, both ten minutes and the one long pose from last week - about an hour and a half. Charcoal on A3 approx.

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