Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nearly Life

Started with a new life class a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately the model was ill last week so we worked from photos but I think this is going to be a good group. The session is very calm and relaxed and therefore should be conducive to producing some good work and the tutor is very knowledgeable. I have struggled to get to grips with charcoal and even considered changing medium for life classes but really there is nothing better. Hopefully the purchase of Henry Yan's Figure Drawing Techniques and Tips book is going to help me with a breakthrough, already I have extended my tools to include charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal as well as vine and if I can just find the right paper too I should be laughing. Watch this space!


  1. Hi, Tina. I am just checking out your blog. Very nice work here!!!!

  2. Why thank you for dropping by Jake - nice to see you.