Monday, 25 January 2010

One of Mike's and one of mine

Firstly a study of a Michelangelo self portrait - just a warm up really as I havent drawn for a while. Would have prefered some sharper tools to get closer to the look of the original but sitting up in bed isnt the route to accuracy either. The second sketch is from a photo on my bedside table, also done propped up in bed and the errors scream at me but it was a useful study of shadows and has inspired me to attempt a top notch accurate master study at some point. The perfectionist in me finds it hard not to twiddle things to death sometimes so I may as well direct that urge more productively.
Conte on Canson mi-teintes 9 x 12"

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Travelling with Mike and Tony

I'm away from home for a while so have chosen a couple of travel companions, Anthony Ryder and Michelangelo (he's not really into websites) and my intention is to do a few master studies. Doing these is like discovering chocolate is good for you - they really are most enjoyable and soul soothing too. Here are a couple I did back in 2007/2008 and all being well there will be more to come. Incidently, my choice of companions was based soley on the size of their books - some things in life are just random!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year, New Goals

Long time no post - I have done very little in the way of art recently and we are half way through January already. My intention this year is to concentrate more on painting, do some quick studies on a regular basis and also some bigger slower pieces. I've got loads of ideas but need good chunks of time to get into a painting properly.
So here is one I did earlier, a quick study from a photo before the last workshop. She came out pretty cool and I might warm her up and finish her off one of these days, but I was quite pleased with it overall for a quicky.
9 x 12" Oil on canvas board
This was painted over an old canvas board and I utilised the existing texture and added more to give it a bit of the look of a fresco.

14" x 18" Oil on canvas board
This one is unfinished and may never be - its going away for a while and I'll look at it with fresh eyes one day and decide if its worth trying to save.
12" x 16" Oil on canvas board