Monday, 1 February 2010

Backs, spheres and a face

A study of light from Anthony Ryder's excellent book the Artist's Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. He outlines his figures which although I dont really like and tried to leave out (sorry Tony) I have to admit really does give a clean polished finish. Yeah, my sphere was drawn freehand, could have used a jam jar but didnt. I spent between one and two hours on this, I think he spends an awful lot longer and it shows but it was a good excercise.

Graphite and chalk on grey Canson Mi-teintes 9 x 12"

Here I thought I would challenge myself with a sphere where the light and shadow are obscured by the colour and pattern. This was done from life and I quite literally just painted what I saw and trusted that it would look round at the end. The second version I enhanced in photoshop just for fun and the colours are more accurate to the object although not the drawing.

Conte on tinted Canson mi-teintes 9" x 12"

I found this quicky loose in one of my sketch pads and realised it was from the same Ryder book although not a study of his style.

9" x 12" on tinted Canson Mi-teintes - conte or pastel and a stump.

Back to Michaelangelo - cant make sense of all the lumps and bumps so just went with it. Once again I could have done with sharper tools and probably bigger paper to try and replicate his delicate marks.

9" x 12" white Canson mi-teintes with conte.

This is from a photo of Michaelangelos sculpture Pieta in St Peters in Rome and is an unusual angle and lighting as the figure is on his back. Pieta means pity and this is one of Michaelangelos most finished sculptures and having seen it in the flesh/marble it is definately one of my absolute favourites (although I havent seen David yet).

9" x 12" Black conte and chalk on grey Mi-teintes.

A quick back study from a photo - a few less lumps and bumps on this one.
6" x 9" x 12" conte on Daler Rowney Ingres.

Thats it for now, will post my flying Vanderpoels next.

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