Friday, 5 March 2010

Anna Jane Collins

A very small selection of the paintings of Anna Jane Collins - an excellent draughtswoman who was equally comfortable with oils and watercolours. She prefered to work from life when possible and often sketched and scrutinised her subjects on site and painted back in the studio assisted by her photographs. She was interested in everything about the natural world and was extremely knowledgeable about many aspects of the planet and the cosmos. She had a fine scientific brain as well as an artistic sensibilities and loved her books - in fact she preferred them to people, apart from her loved ones of course. She said she wanted to come back as a seagull and soar above the worlds oceans (she was incredibly modest) so I hope her spirit is soaring wild and free and she is at peace now.


  1. Your mother was clearly a very talented woman, thank you for sharing some of her work with us. This family trait has been passed on to you so I look forward to seeing more from you too. I really hope her final wishes come true and she is 'soaring wild and free' now. RIP Anna Jane Colins.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you Tina. What a wonderful gift your Mother gave you. I too believe she is 'soaring wild and free' now.
    My best to you Tina

  3. I see where you got your inspiration and talent from lovely work .
    Love Trevor

  4. Thank you Trevor. I hope you are doing OK, its about time you updated your blog I think:)