Friday, 18 February 2011

Men in Tights

Well not exactly tights, more like feathery leggins but you get the idea. This is a just off the easel and still wet rework of a painting I did back before the war, well a few years ago anyway. I cant remember exactly when I did it but I had a hankering to have a play with it again. I saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in the early naughties and absolutely loved it. I have just discovered its touring the UK again but unfortunately I missed it locally so unless I can think of a good reason to visit 'up North' I've had it. Anyway, I think the painting is somewht improved although I didnt correct all the drawing errors - sometimes its good to dig out your old stuff just to find out where you have improved, you've gotta make those shadows more interesting. Anyway it may need a few more tweeks when its dried off a bit but off to do another master study next.
Oil on canvas 28" x 20"

The earlier version
Incidently I wrote to the photographer at the time but didnt get a reply - these days I wouldnt use a reference without express permission but in this instance I declare that its strictly for non commercial use and I'll drop the photographer another email and try for forgiveness rather than permission. I am a respecter of peoples livelihoods and rights (and my own neck).

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