Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hot Stuff I & II

Trying something a bit different. I'm only seeing the male figure at the moment but I hope to develop this further and see where it takes me. These are both on deep dish, or 3D canvas and are quite big which I feel pretty comfortable with. I'll take a photo of them in situ because they look good on a wall and there is a bit of an optical illusion going on as the first one is bigger than the second. Great fun to do and interesting exploring the properties of oil and acrylic on one canvas, the background is acrylic and the figure oil. Whatcha think?

Oil and acrylic on canvas 30" x 20"
Oil and acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"


  1. I need a cold shower! Loving these .... any chance of meeting them for real?

  2. Mmmm... these were originally called hot stuff because of the amount of red I used in the skintone, and it kind of stuck. They are a celebration of the beauty of the male physique (high brow stuff) but I seem to have accidently reduced them to something more basic. Ah well.

  3. These are fabulous, Tina. Did you get a phone no? Sorry, being flippant. But, seriously I wish I could paint half as well.