Friday, 23 April 2010

More Master Studies

I've been busy doing some more master studies, these are both satisfying and disheartening.  Satisfying because of the voyage of discovery is so illuminating and a great way to learn but  disheartening if one compares too closely.  I really fell for David's Patroclus spending so long studying it so intently and although I am pleased with my effort and what I learned, it does rather pale by comparison.  Having said that it definately spurs me on to improve my painting, really the man was an absolute genius.  The original painting is in Cherbourg and it would be good to visit it one day.  If you know your Greek mythology or the Holywood film Troy, Patroclus is the older companion of Achilles who was killed by Hector (another amazing painting by David) and Achilles went on the avenge his death by murdering Hector.  Gripping stuff.  All credit to Richard, Mr Artistry for his educating guidance and inspiration.

Study of Benczur's Narcissus - I fancied doing this one as it reminds me of some of Caravaggio's famous foreshortening and dramatic lighting, and I also like the simple but effective compostions.  It took me a few goes getting that head right though, deceptively tricky.

Charcoal on paper 12" x 16"

Study of Bouguereau's Dante and Virgile - I've done no research on the story behind this, I just really liked the complicated and exaggerated pose and didnt realise Bouguereau did male figures like this as his many, many women and children are so popular.  Another challenging study, I treated it as one figure rather than untangle them, it kind of worked but I dont have the time to do a painted study unfortunately.
Graphite on paper 12" x 16"

Study of Jacques Louis Davids Patroclus - It looks a bit lacking in the darks here but that may be the photo, its still a bit wet and its hard to get a decent shot.  My first time using linen canvas and I really liked it so will always use it for this kind of fine painting now.

Oil on Linen canvas 16 x 20"

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