Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Life In June

I've neglected to feed the blog recently so here I am catching up with a few bits from life I have done this month. I havent been hugely creative for a while but I keep plugging away at the life sessions whatever else is or isnt going on. Also, I am thinking about having a great big clear out of all my old stuff, some for a bonfire virtual or otherwise - get rid of the old and make way for the new, it could be good for the soul...

Charcoal on A1 - Good foreshortening excercise on the first two.
 Charcoal on A1
Charcoal on A2 - Really like this model
 Pastel on canson A4 - 20 mins
 Oil on paper A4 - 30 mins
 Charcoal on A1 - 30 mins
 Pastel on Rives BFK 22" x 30" done over three weeks - approx 5 hours.  I'm finding these long poses over several weeks bring a whole different set of challenges, when to chase the pose, the level of finish to go for at any given point.  Even indoors the light changes - one thing is for sure, do the hands in one go!
 put in a temporary frame

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Updated Elsie

After a few more subtle tweeks.  The photo is probably a bit more accurate to the painting now, photographing art is an art in itself.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Elsie Anna

I painted this for the little darlings Daddy.  Its been tough one, babies can be tricky especially when you are trying to get a good likeness but I got there in the end....well bar a few more edits and adjustments, maybe....they say a painting is never actually finished....sigh.

Oil on Canvas 16" x 16"

Monday, 7 June 2010

Repairs & Maintenance

Decided to make further improvements to these - that warm arm bugged me on Cool Dude/Spring, whatever I called him, its much better now I think.  It was pretty challenging trying to get him working on that background in the first place but I think he looks more at home now.  As for the life painting, I overworked the background and drapery at the time and should have left it much more sketchy so going for a more finished look was the only course of action left. I havent done any more to the figure though, thats a big no-no after the event. I took photos of the drapery, sans model of course so was able to look more closely into the subtle differences in the colours and make some adjustments. I greyed the bottom right hand area of the sheet and behind the model, also I tried to smooth it out a bit and make it look like finer fabric but it was pretty thick with impasto.  Then I darkened and polished the background and made it look like the drapery it was and overall I am pleased with how it came out.  These were both good excercises with lessons learnt for next time, especially gratifying as I dont normally like going back to a painting once the moment has passed.  Apart from that I am back to life drawing/painting again this week and also struggling with a baby painting, the hardest thing EVER which I will post if I ever get anywhere - dont hold your breath though.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Plein air en France

My first delve into sketching the great outdoors, the french variety bien sur.  The first four are done during a painting workshop my France based amie Sue booked us on last week during my stay with her.  Sadly the weather was iffy on the day but the setting was fabulous and we did our best between showers and the wind.  The day was at Le Moulin d'Annepont http://www.moulinannepont.com/ which is in southwest France not too far from La Rochelle.  Our hosts Nigel and Sue are a delightful couple who run various art days and workshops and they made us most welcome.   Certainly there was plenty of inspiration and subject matter at the Mill both inside and out and I wish I was closer and could go back again this summer.

The last two were done in the grounds of Sue and Nicks place which is further south although none of these are supposed to be a realistic interpretation of the view, just quick sketches playing with colour and having a bit of fun. Having said that now I have taken this first step I am tempted to lug my stuff outdoors in this country and have a bit more serious an attempt - if it ever stops raining!!!

A side affect of the trip was the affirmation that what bit of French I ever knew is rapidly disappearing. I bought some french art magazines at the airport and have now put some batteries in my electronique larousse and must try and practice regularly as it would be a shame to lose it all.

All pastel on various coloured papers 12 x 12" to 12 x 16"