Monday, 7 June 2010

Repairs & Maintenance

Decided to make further improvements to these - that warm arm bugged me on Cool Dude/Spring, whatever I called him, its much better now I think.  It was pretty challenging trying to get him working on that background in the first place but I think he looks more at home now.  As for the life painting, I overworked the background and drapery at the time and should have left it much more sketchy so going for a more finished look was the only course of action left. I havent done any more to the figure though, thats a big no-no after the event. I took photos of the drapery, sans model of course so was able to look more closely into the subtle differences in the colours and make some adjustments. I greyed the bottom right hand area of the sheet and behind the model, also I tried to smooth it out a bit and make it look like finer fabric but it was pretty thick with impasto.  Then I darkened and polished the background and made it look like the drapery it was and overall I am pleased with how it came out.  These were both good excercises with lessons learnt for next time, especially gratifying as I dont normally like going back to a painting once the moment has passed.  Apart from that I am back to life drawing/painting again this week and also struggling with a baby painting, the hardest thing EVER which I will post if I ever get anywhere - dont hold your breath though.

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