Thursday, 26 August 2010

Framing of Pears and A Gentlemans Nude

It can be very satisfying framing a painting, suddenly its like seeing it for the first time.  I found this really quite over the top frame in a charity shop, cleaned it up a bit and restored the liner, et voila this pear painting I did in France a couple of years ago fits it perfectly.  I have already been offered wall space in someone else's house to display it.  The generosity of some people eh?

This pastel study of a Paul Sieffert painting I did a few years ago and which I have named A Gentlemans Nude is for the father in law for his study.  We had decided to frame it in a mid to dark wood to go with the furniture in the room but when it came to it the brown wood completely killed the painting.  The frame always has to go with the artwork in my opinion and I just hope it will look OK in situ or he'll have to change all his furniture - ha.


  1. Nice still life !! and the figure looks lovely framed ... I agree, the frame must suit the work of art !!

  2. Hello again Sandra, I'm glad you liked the still life, its just a quicky in acrylic but at least it was from life. Pears and people are not so dissimilar!