Monday, 1 November 2010

Life, the Sketchbook and a Present

Not had too much time to blog recently but have managed a few scribbles and daubs over the last few weeks. 

Yesterdays life workshop with Andy, a really excellent model who threw himself into some very challenging poses.  Holding one knee for 2 hours or so without slouching.....I think the yoga helps but even so.....the others are 10 mins and 20 mins

A portrait of a lovely model Natalie, done over three weeks in a total of about 5-6 hours.  I'ts not entirely finished and has a few issues, not least due to the ever changing light in the studio but it was a good exercise from life.

A piercing stare from the sketchbook...

...and a Gothic Lolita which is potential subject matter for further exploration and experimentation.

 Finally a gift of a portait from a photograph that took my fancy.  Its a friends wife in costume at a Greek themed dinner party - a bit of fun in pastel and quite large at 22" x 30".  They seem to be very pleased with it, phew!

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