Sunday, 19 December 2010

Back to the Boys

 Despite thinking it was finished I did a bit more with the background on this one - is it done now? Maybe. 

This one was done from life a while ago and then finished off  more recently. I try not to play around with the figure too much without the model but I do need more thinking time for the background and the general feel of a piece than you get in a live session.  I photograph it before I start to fiddle though so I can see if I have improved it or not and in this case I am satisfied that I did.   With  monochrome work sometimes its useful to print out a photo on A4 and  try out a few edits that way, I am talking about big tonal experiments rather than fine tuning.  The texture of the background was as a direct response to the paper though, and maybe some Prud'honesque influence. He is still one of my favourite draftsman ever, and then there's Paul Cadmus..... so much influence, so little time..... I need to get my own drawing miles back up again thats for sure.

65cm x 50cm charcoal on watercolour paper

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