Friday, 3 December 2010

Den the Great

This model was quite an inspiration, somehow I think most artists like to paint the fuller figure, the roly poly flesh really gives us something to work with and Denise was a great model. Unfortunately the weather, most particularly the lighting was not so well behaved - this was done over three weeks but with shortened sessions due to fading light and quite honestly could have been a complete repaint each week with spells of sunshine, black skies and oncoming snow affecting the setting.  Anyway, despite that I really enjoyed this one, slapped the paint on with gusto and had some fun - sometimes things can get just a bit too intense and we have to remember to enjoy ourselves whilst wielding the brush.  I also had a squeeze of every paint I own on the pallette which was liberating.  No thinking, no analysing, no science, just responding and getting on with it for a change.  I think it still hangs together OK although maybe I was a bit heavy with the ochre and purple in some of the skin shadows, I found myself painting rather bruised looking flesh.  Still, tis not my job to flatter!  

Thats the end of the life sessions till next year but I have some charcoals  and a Parisien cafe scene painting to finish off and some acrylic inks waiting to be played with.  Just need to find some time, probably need to do a spot of christmas shopping too - gulp! 

18 "x 24" oil on canvas


  1. Thanks Sophie, I am a huge admirer of your work so really appreciate you dropping by and commenting.

  2. WOW, You are amazing Ill say that, love the yellows and purples you speak of in this , they make this piece!! of luck to with your shopping ...