Monday, 31 January 2011

Hats, Masterpieces and Edits

From this weeks life session, the truly inspirational Denise.  You may recognise her from a previous post.  She always seems to bring out the best in the artists she works with and we all enjoyed  drawing her.  I was facilitating this session and decided on a Mother of the Bride theme, this is about an hour and a quarter in various pastels and contes.
Its about time I did some serious study work, and this fella is a pretty good model.  Its a couple of hours work whilst cooking a roast dinner, not the best way to focus but I have a long way to go yet and plenty of time to correct and develop. Charcoal on Rives.
I gave this one a completely new head, sorry Rosemarie!  The features are better proportioned now, some people dont like to mess with their life work after the model has gone but I find correcting my errrors can be useful.

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