Sunday, 3 April 2011

Plenty of chutzpah

Partly inspired by the body language of the young life model we had a few weeks back I am looking to further explore youth and modern culture. Our model didnt have tattoos and I am not particularly keen on them but they are everywhere these days.  This was painted from a photo, I was trying to capture something of her defiant attitude and interestingly I felt it wasnt until I added the tattoos that it emerged - which says it all about me and my own prejudices. 

I'd like to revisit steampunk again, I am intrigued by the concept and the costumes and it continues to gather popularity.  Then there are the Gothic Lolittas, punks are on a comeback and I must get to a Dr Sketchys ..the list goes on.  I'm too old to get participate in any of this personally although I always felt I had the soul of a punk in the seventies if not the safety pins, but I do find these various tribes intriguing subjects.  I'd like to think I look below the surface and dont judge people by their clothes  and outer appearances but of course like everyone I do to a certain extent.  I am quite fired up with all the possibilites, I always wanted to do more than paint pretty pictures and I like something with a bit of an edge.  Just to contradict myself though I have a pregnant painting to finish next and I hope that will be very beautiful, she of course belongs to the oldest and biggest tribe of all.

Oil on Canvas 20" x 30"

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