Saturday, 23 April 2011

WIP - Aura of Expectation (and an Easter arrival)

I thought I'd show the WIP on this one, had a few issues with the background which I had to resolve before proceeding too far with the figure but I got there in the end.  I'm not sure I get on too well with the Phthalo's, they are a bit fierce and I wasnt too happy with their presence in this painting,  I  chose them as I was looking for a duck egg blue and managed to wrestle them into submission eventually. I'll think twice before using them again though I am sure they have their place on the palette.   Blues, greens and purples can be hard to photograph accurately but I think the final photo is pretty close to the actual painting.

I've learned to sketch in the composition first on these bigger pieces, saves an awful lot of pain later and if it was good enough for Leonardo its good enough for me.  I  dont really like doing  it this way though, would rather do a loose block in as I dont like to feel like I am 'colouring in' but it really depends on the subject.
Oil on Canvas 30" x 24"

  The Phthalos getting a bit too dominant!

 Knocked it all back a bit, lots of paint on the canvas now.

 Still not entirely sure about the background, a bit too loose and distracting although I never wanted a totally smooth look and I have been in two minds about how dark/light and contrasty to make it .  I thought I had planned this well!

 The final painting.

 A couple of close ups. The likeness is good, I think the subject has 'paintogenic' bone structure as without really trying the preliminary sketches captured her too.  Its interesting to discover that some people are really easy to get a likeness and others very challenging, I really dont know what determines that - maybe the answer is out there.  Anyway the MotherToBe is happy with it and thats all that matters, in fact she says she says she will have me paint her from now on and not bother with photos!  Mmmmm...

One of the reasons I dont want to do any more tweaking to the painting is because it an historical piece now -  Thought you might like to see the 'bump' now he has made his debut.  Welcome to the world little Flynn Alexander, born on Thursday 21st April, weighing in at 7lb 15oz.  Mother and baby (and father and brother) are all doing well.   Ahhhhh.......isnt he special and he looks pretty paintogenic too.

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