Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sunday and Tuesday - in search of the mojo

Sundays workshop was OK but I still didn't have my missing X factor. I've been pretty tired lately and you really do have to give 100% if you want to art well. So I have nothing very special to post from then although I really did like the model.  

This was a bit of an experiment, pastel on Canson Montval watercolour paper.  I've used this paper with charcoal before and really like the textural effect.  Using pastels creates a bit of a fresco look although the paper doesnt take too much abuse as it kills the texture so delicacy and accuracy are required . Someone suggested using a wet brush on it which I have heard you can do with pastels but never tried so I'll probably totally wreck this one in the name of progress and see where it takes me.
 This is how I felt by the end of the day :(

So I returned to my spiritual home for life drawing on Tuesday at Life the Gallery in Surrey.  Really the place is so fabulous it feeds my very soul.  I have never been in such a conducive space for life drawing and every  time I've walked through the door to find a new exhibition I've found it never less than awesome and inspiring.  They have a wonderful new Artist in Residence Anastasia Wildig and I have every confidence her influence is going to be very beneficial to all us life addicts.  A bit of a plug here but Martin and Kerry in addition to running a fabulous gallery also do a lot of good work for the local community and  various charities and their whole philosophy is really positive and balanced, so check out the website!  OK, I am totally biased but here are this weeks sketches.  

I wondered whether as I think of myself more as a tonalist I had been focusing too much on that side of things and have got myself into a bit of a rut.  So to get out of my comfort zone  my intentions  this  session were to concentrate on line, tidy up the act some and just try and get the proportions accurate and the drawing  simple.  I think the pastel pencils are really helping too, they are less messy than charcoal and easier to handle but still pretty flexible.  All in all Tuesday was the best session I have had for a while and I am going to stick with this plan for the time being - at least untill it seems like a rut again! 
All pastel pencil on A2

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