Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wise words and a Blog Plug

Some wise words by artist Alicia Ponzi that I came across on an Underpaintings post about her award by the Portrait Society of America. 

'A portrait should delve deeper than the surface on 2 levels: physically, it should describe the structure and the forms of the specific individual; while it should also find a subtle expression that reveals their persona. To me, the suggestion of an expression is enough.'

The suggestion of an expression that reveals the subjects persona - I shall remember that.

Underpaintings is an extremely informative blog on the very best of representational art.  A word of warning though, you are in danger of losing many hours of your life to the internet if its your cup of tea. The lastest post (as I write) on Thomas Nash has many more words of wisdom too.  Aint the internet a wonderful thing - sigh.

I had better stop reading a produce some art myself now, all theory and no practice is not going to get me anywhere.

A quick value sketch I did recently, coz I cant do a post without some sort of picture.  More about this Master study later.


  1. Your doing a great job of this , I have always loved your Artistry Tina and just you in general, and I see so much wisdom in your thoughts girl ...

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Sandra. Actually its the hardest master study I have ever done, I dont know why really because its quite simple on the face of it. The bottom line though is that master studies have done more for my progress than anything else and usually they are good fun to do. Hopefully I'll feel pleased when this is done. I do kinda wish I'd done the Venus though and I am really looking forward to seeing yours, the drawing was seriously impressive.

    Thanks for dropping by.