Sunday, 28 August 2011

Take your colouring books and crayons....

.....just in case it rains when you are on holiday.  Well it didnt rain too much in Cornwall but I still managed to get out the pastels and paper.  Not exactly plein air, but lots of observation and reference photos and some experimentation.  I discovered I dont have any strong urge to put people in landscapes at the moment and maybe thats surprising due to the amount of life work I do.  Also I have little desire to follow the well worn path of the numerous artists who have captured so well the traditional fishing village atmosphere of St Ives and the whole area that is South West Cornwall.  What captured my imagination was light and magic of the beach, the skies, waves, sand, rocks and light - its absolutely staggeringly beautiful and hugely inspiring.  So my quicky doodles are just skimming the surface of possibilities I discovered.  Incidentally we had typically English varied weather whilst we were there and as much as the cobalt skies, turquoise waters and golden beaches were fabulous I also rather liked the effects on the days where the landscape was almost monochromatic...........yes, lots of inspiration to be had in Cornwall and next time perhaps I'll take my paints!

Endless possibilities with reflections, I enjoyed studying the abstract patterns in the water.
Its hard to avoid all the seagulls!
Loved this beach and yes that is a lighthouse on that rock.
This is the dense garden of Barbara Hepworths house in St Ives, well worth a visit to see how she lived and worked.  This was a round, square triangle idea in strong sunlight.
These are the only figures I was drawn to - surfers in their black wetsuits
This doesnt even start to capture the brightness and beauty of the day.

I have taken about1200 reference photos but will have to try and keep the memories and observations fresh if I want to use them, there really is no substitute for working from life.  I'm quite interested in developing some of the landscape material in a more abstract direction, or at least a simplified and pure form.  I always have more ideas than time though.

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  1. Lovely pastels, Tina, you were in a beautiful area and I can see you got a lot of inspiration.

    I like your ideas, but totally understand the time situation (grrrr).

    Glad you had a great time and look forward to seeing some more developments from your photos!