Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Aggie and Shireen - Life

One from last night and one from last week.  Still fiddling with last weeks pose, the cast shadows are a bit heavy and I may add some colour but our new model Aggie was lovely.
 Graphite on drafting film A3

Last nights drawing was better and I think I prefer charcoal pencils to graphite for life work.  It was a long pose (I did a warm up drawing too) and not as comfortable as it looks.   Well done Shireen!
Charcoal on drafting film A3

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011


Credit to Kevin Wueste for the photo ref for the charcoal WIP below.  He's an awesome artist, hugely generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge, an excellent teacher and a thoroughly nice person.  So go visit Kevins Blog to see a master at work.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Daily painting, sort of.....

I decided I needed to get to know my palette better, I have recently extended the range so I did these little charts over the weekend separating the two brands that I use.  So the first column is straight from the tube, the second with a bit of white and the third a bit more.  I cant quite commit the time to the fully fledged colour charts that Richard Schmid recommends but these were fun to do and I am sure will be very useful.  If anyone wants hi res copies with details of the brands and colours drop me an email.

This is the little painting I did with the leftovers on the palette just for fun.  Not really the way to choose colours.

Then I thought I would do a figure painting from a reference photo.  Decided to scale up a bit and so needed to get a basic drawing down in charcoal, but then I got into too much detail so it may stay a drawing, or shall I call it a charcoal painting?

Charcoal on drafting film WIP

Not a bad weekends work really.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Almost painting daily

A few weeks ago I started doing some daily paintings from some of the reference photos I took in Cornwall.  The idea being to practice my painting technique and not worry too much about colour, composition etc.  Exercises to get the brush mileage up, just throwaway sketches in paint really.  These are the first three, oil on acrylic canvas paper and I have no idea about the consequences of using the 'wrong' paper yet, initially I wasnt bothered.  Typically, when you free yourself from pressures thats when interesting things start to happen and I particularly like the last one, its quite textural, done mainly with a knife and I like the subtle effects which are hard to see on a photo.   Maybe I'll use the best of them as studies for larger pieces on better supports, but I hope to get  on with a few more very soon.  I've done some other small paintings over the last couple of months as well but they are for a secret international swap project so I cant show them at the moment.   Not quite a daily painter yet, but working on it!
Oil on paper 9 x 12"

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sunday Life

The first life work I've done in ages  - sometimes it doesnt hurt to have a bit of a break though as long as some kind of artwork is being done.  This was the regular monthly Modelled Me workshop and it was good to be back and good to have Martin the diver as our model.  He was suffering a bit of a bad back but it still managed a sterling job.

After a few five minute warm ups the long pose, about 90mins. Unfinished due to rust (mine not his), unmixed paints and generally not quite back in the swing. Not my favourite kind of pose either.

Oil on drafting film.
Second shorter pose, much better.  Oil on film.
added a line later and a better crop but not such a crisp photo

Charcoal on paper A3
Charcoal on paper A3
Graphite on film A3 - will noodle with this some more
Graphite on film A3 - pleased to have captured his bearing here
Oil pastels and graphite on film A3
 Totally rejiggered at home - it reads better now and playing afterwards like this focusses the mind on good information gathering for next time.
Graphite on paper A3
Charcoal pencil on paper A3 - Is that arm too long...mmmm?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Joaquin Sorolla studies

A couple of master studies done during the summer, the first a fairly quick one on drafting film just to get a feel for the values and colours and handling of the light.  I didnt want to get too hung up on the drawing or details but did want to capture the movement and transparency of the scarves.  One of the things I discovered was the need to carefully plan the lights to capture the subtle differences and colours in the whites.  I also discovered that I'm not so keen on how Sorolla crops some of his work. 

 Oil sketch on drafting film 10" x 12"

This one was a more careful study, and much bigger too.  I used a bit of license and changed the crop from the original which is about a square metre.  Some of the best reproductions of his work on the internet are at the Sorolla Museum in Madrid, well worth taking the virtual tour and there is a great zoom in facility on a selection of his finest paintings. 

Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"
Its not entirely finished, but once again I seem to have gone off the boil with it and have moved on.  I do like the colours and atmosphere of it, the figures are his wife and daughter and this was a great excercise in shades of white.  A most enjoyable study.