Thursday, 22 September 2011

Almost painting daily

A few weeks ago I started doing some daily paintings from some of the reference photos I took in Cornwall.  The idea being to practice my painting technique and not worry too much about colour, composition etc.  Exercises to get the brush mileage up, just throwaway sketches in paint really.  These are the first three, oil on acrylic canvas paper and I have no idea about the consequences of using the 'wrong' paper yet, initially I wasnt bothered.  Typically, when you free yourself from pressures thats when interesting things start to happen and I particularly like the last one, its quite textural, done mainly with a knife and I like the subtle effects which are hard to see on a photo.   Maybe I'll use the best of them as studies for larger pieces on better supports, but I hope to get  on with a few more very soon.  I've done some other small paintings over the last couple of months as well but they are for a secret international swap project so I cant show them at the moment.   Not quite a daily painter yet, but working on it!
Oil on paper 9 x 12"

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