Sunday, 25 September 2011

Daily painting, sort of.....

I decided I needed to get to know my palette better, I have recently extended the range so I did these little charts over the weekend separating the two brands that I use.  So the first column is straight from the tube, the second with a bit of white and the third a bit more.  I cant quite commit the time to the fully fledged colour charts that Richard Schmid recommends but these were fun to do and I am sure will be very useful.  If anyone wants hi res copies with details of the brands and colours drop me an email.

This is the little painting I did with the leftovers on the palette just for fun.  Not really the way to choose colours.

Then I thought I would do a figure painting from a reference photo.  Decided to scale up a bit and so needed to get a basic drawing down in charcoal, but then I got into too much detail so it may stay a drawing, or shall I call it a charcoal painting?

Charcoal on drafting film WIP

Not a bad weekends work really.


  1. Not bad at all girl .... beautiful drawing taking shape ... great looking pose ...

  2. Thanks Sandra, not sure it improved as it went on. Its from a photo ref by Kevin Wueste - I did credit him later but should PM him as well.