Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Joaquin Sorolla studies

A couple of master studies done during the summer, the first a fairly quick one on drafting film just to get a feel for the values and colours and handling of the light.  I didnt want to get too hung up on the drawing or details but did want to capture the movement and transparency of the scarves.  One of the things I discovered was the need to carefully plan the lights to capture the subtle differences and colours in the whites.  I also discovered that I'm not so keen on how Sorolla crops some of his work. 

 Oil sketch on drafting film 10" x 12"

This one was a more careful study, and much bigger too.  I used a bit of license and changed the crop from the original which is about a square metre.  Some of the best reproductions of his work on the internet are at the Sorolla Museum in Madrid, well worth taking the virtual tour and there is a great zoom in facility on a selection of his finest paintings. 

Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"
Its not entirely finished, but once again I seem to have gone off the boil with it and have moved on.  I do like the colours and atmosphere of it, the figures are his wife and daughter and this was a great excercise in shades of white.  A most enjoyable study.


  1. Wow Tina these studies are terrific, have you seen any of his work in the flesh?

  2. Sep 17, 11:11:00 am 2011

    Hi Dave,

    No never seen one, would love to go to Madrid I am sure they are stunning. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. You interpreted them perfectly!

  4. Thanks Rolina, thats good to hear.