Monday, 17 October 2011

Life and wallpaper

Not had much time for art recently, trying to paint everyday turns out to be a bit of an impossibility as things stand.   If I could manage to do a bit of sketching that would be better than nothing but its like a diet or an excercise regime where you have to be really committed to making changes in your lifestyle and habits.  So until the outlook improves I shall at least keep plugging away at the regular life drawing sessions.  Here are the results from the last couple of weeks.
Conte on paper - A2

Graphite on drafting film, no smudging or blending - not easy for me at all.

Pastel pencil on paper, unfinished - A2

And here are some I did earlier.  Playing around with backgrounds to the drafting film, some wallpaper samples I had lying around.  Mmmmm.....


  1. Ohmygosh - I LOVE the wallpaper ones! (Well, I love them all really, especially the upside down pastel one)!

  2. Thanks Rolina, I'm liking the wallpaper too just have to decide where to go next. I may put them on facebook just to suss out the lie of the land amongst a few non-artists.