Monday, 7 November 2011


So here are my treasures from Scotland the USA and Australia, and there were other little goodies in the packages too - thanks so much oily girls and Sid. 

 Sandra - Crazy Oz girl with a heart of gold -  My Artist Ways

Rolina, an amazing artist and all round creative based in Scotland - Walk Paint Walk

 Jessica from New York USA, creative and knowledgeable -  Stapeliad

Sid from Maryland USA who knows Everything about paint - Artwork by Sid

Becca from Kansas USA with a heart of gold and talent to match Becca's Studio

Carey from Georgia USA, who thinks everything should be stripey - The Crawling Eye

Nancy from Oklahoma USA, a very talented lady who can paint anything - Nancy Park Fine Art

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  1. Oily Girls Rule! Thanks for your wonderful contribution and participation in our swap! Hugs!