Saturday, 26 November 2011

Portrait of Amrit

I am doing a portrait swap with a fellow artist as part of a world wide event through Wet Canvas.  In addition to the fact that these things are pretty good fun and excellent practice I thought it would be good for me to feel what its like to be sitting on the other side of the canvas for a change.  So whilst my fellow artist is wrestling with my image I am very pleased to have such in interesting face to work with, incidentally we have never met so its all from photos.   I did a couple of preliminary drawings just to get a feel for the values and a general look of the piece and to try and work out how the glasses could be tackled.  I wasnt hung up on the likenss at that stage but its useful to see where I have a tendancy to steer off track with the drawing so the pitfalls can be avoided at the painting stage. I wanted the feel of it to be quite urban and 'manly' so have done the background and clothing very loosely.  The glasses are to come next.....

Oil on Canvas 15" x 15"

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