Sunday, 4 December 2011

Finishing up and a bit of life

I put the final touches to Amrit's portrait and am just waiting for it to dry off in some of the thicker areas.

My friend Lyn of Fringe Arts framed Exeat in a beautiful muted silvery black trimmed frame - she floated the drafting film between the thick mountboard and it looks amazing,  the photo really doesnt do it justice expecially as the protective covers have to be left on for the new owner to remove. 

A few bits and bobs from the recent life sessions.  This was a challenge - thinking in reverse is hard at the end of a long day especially on the face. 
So I decided to try a quick portrait on drafting film after the break, this definately looks a bit more like her.  Sue is a really good model as well as being an artist herself and remained very still throughout.
 A bit more playing about at home with the background

These two are both from the same pose as the model was rotated for the session.
 A suprisingly challenging pose with not much to get to grips with so a good excercise in really looking.

This one came out a bit spooky looking and I would have liked longer on it.  Its A2 so a lot of paper to cover in the time with charcaol and pastel pencils and hatching.