Friday, 13 January 2012

Art goals 2012

I like to start each year with some art goals and normally these are just vague notions in my head but I thought I would document them this year and see if I stay on track.  I always have the aim of getting my painting on to the next level and general improvement of my technical skills and knowledge but beyond that I think its useful to have a few specifics.  Last year my aims were to review and standardise some of my methods and tools, identify my preferences and become more focused - I'm getting there.  Here are this years:-

1  Remember to simplify, its my aesthetic and should be my mental approach
2  Create a body of work, a cohesive collection
3  Spend less time on the computer and paint more
4  Re-read every art book I own
5  Expand the blog
6  Learn Photoshop

No post should be without a picture so here's a little thing I did with some palette scrapings
 4" x 4" Oil on canvas

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