Thursday, 19 January 2012

Life at Life

Its great to be back at Life the Gallery for the weekly life drawing sessions, here are the pretty rusty offerings from the last two weeks.  My expectations were low after the long break but Martin our host had an inspiring Christmas came up with some good ideas to loosen us up.  This first pose was about using the squiggly lines we had already put on the paper to pick out the shapes of the figure.  A certain amount of porportional accuracy is sacrificed and it was a bit strange to start with but it was good fun and took about ten minutes.  I am sure you would really get in the swing doing a few more and seeing where it took you.  Our model this time was excellent and really held the poses well - it makes all the difference!

This weeks warm ups were good, the model stood on the same spot and rotated for 5 x 5 minute poses. If we did them on the same page we could line up the shoulders, elbows etc with the previous drawing providing the first one was accurate and thereby have all the horizontal there for the five poses.  Of course I could have arranged them better but you get the idea.

This week I decided to paint, and in fact intend to every week from now on if I can because we usually have a long pose of around an hour and I want to get my brush hours up and do some plein air this year too.  I have a pochade box which I used for the first time and I am going to have to work out the most comfortable and practical way of setting myself up and being ready for action within the time constraints.  I usually prefer to stand when painting but did this sitting on a donkey. 

Oil on film 10" x 12"

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