Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A colourful night and a breakthrough

This is my set up for life painting 10" x 12" and everything nicely contained in the box, its working well and in addition to the paints and brushes baby wipes and nappy sacks are pretty useful for a neat and efficient clean up. This session from last week we had some dramatic lighting but I needed a crop to fit the reclined figure on the board and  it ended up as a bit of a goth horror.

Last nights session was more satisfactory, my planets must have been aligned and I liked the poses the lovely model Amy set up for us.  The warm ups were a bit gentler, I remembered to have my putty rubber and cloth to hand and I had a better palette for the painting.  I sketched it in with a thin burnt umber then tried out my new cad red dark, a naples yellow dark, white of course and kings blue for the cools which was nearly the same colour as the board.  I had some ivory black to hand but decided it wasnt required.  Limited palettes seem to be the way forward for pochade painting and getting a whole figure down in under an hour certainly leaves no time for over noodling or even thinking - you just have to go for it. 

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