Saturday, 18 February 2012

Indoor Plein Air

I didnt make it to life drawing (painting) this week as I was away but I did do some art today.  Over the last few weeks I have been preparing some spare mountboard pieces I have and cutting them down and sealing them for use in my little pochade box.  I have all sorts of colours and want to have the option of letting some of the background show through so I have sealed some with shellac and some PVA and will see if there is any difference.  So far I have found that shellac is easier to apply and PVA easier to clean up and cheaper too.

My small pochade box holds boards of 5" x 7" which is pretty small but my plan is to take little local trips in my car and do mini paintings as and when I can.  Today I decided to do a dry run indoors to make sure I had thought of everything and could do it fairly easily and without mess.  My basic equipment is the pochade box, 5 tubes of paint CMYK and white, 5 x brushes, palette knife, paper towels, painting boards, wet wipes and nappy sacks.  I will use water miscibles oils without mediums and so the clean up is easy.  All this fits in a neat little bag and my first expedition to the couch was pretty succesful so I am confident I wont paint the inside of my car when I venture further.

The first painting is a master copy and the second from a photo of mine.  The CMYK palette worked pretty well although I discovered the black was indespensible, ironic because I dont use it normally and it was lucky I had some.  I will try some other limited palettes as I go including Zorn but this is a good start.  I didnt notice any difference painting on the two prepared surfaces so as long as the paint doesnt fall off I guess it wont matter which I use.  I also have some traditional art boards and am going to oil prime them as I dont like gesso textured boards but initially my home made colourful boards will be OK until I find my way with the plein air.  I cant wait to get out there now!


  1. Tina , I dig you heaps GIRL!! .... keep painting no matter what is my motto YEAH GET OUT DOORS ~tHERES NOTHING qUITE lIKE iT ....SH

  2. Aw Sandra, you are so sweet and thanks for dropping by. Yes you always say it, keep painting, dedication and hard work are the only way. I dont have much time for other stuff right now but on this I wont compromise. I'll drop by WC soon. Hope you are well xx

  3. Dear Tina
    Was interested to read your article above on tension poses and difficulty to hold. Nothing is ever too difficult. (I hope) It is a mindset and a physical discipline and find that attitude and the willingness to assert the body physically from the same pose all day to longer days shows the body its strength, anatomical tension and concur with what you see with Crawfurd Adamson's work as I am that Model and find it a courageous privilege to work with this man and utilise space in and around the figurative form in myself to establish interesting and unusual poses for and with him, Regards Jane Flux (

  4. Hi Jane,

    Well how amazing that you found me, I am thrilled to hear from you and to have your personal feedback on my observations. I am looking foward to seeing 'you' again at the gallery tonight and will look even more closely. You know I have nothing but admiration and respect for all artists models, discipline and mindset it may be but its also a noble calling and not just anyone can do it. I checked out your blog, you work with some excellent artists and I definately like some of the more dynamic and challenging poses I see. I hope the modelling is going well for you, you are obviously a great muse and thanks for dropping by.