Thursday, 9 February 2012

Inspired or what?

It was freezing cold on Tuesday night, my fingers nearly fell off when stopped on the way to Life to put some petrol in the car....and yet not for a microsecond would I ever consider missing a session whatever the weather.  I am a fully paid up member of LDA (Life Drawers Anonymous) and the evening was great!  The gallery had hung some new paintings, a fantastic Scottish artist I had never heard of Crawfurd Adamson.  I really like the scale and drama of the pieces, the dark backgrounds and bright highlights and his palette choices, lots of hot red and intense colour but cleverly used so as not to overwhelm the subject.  I also very much like the poses, I get a bit fed up with the classic recline both as an artist and a viewer and his more tangled, curly closed poses are more interesting to me.  They would be killer poses for a model to hold for long and I see looking at his website he has done a lot of pastels so I guess he is pretty quick getting the information down that way and then does a longer studio painting.  I also like the fact that although they are all nudes they are also abstract and effectively landscapes of the figure.

So already inspired by the backdrop in the gallery we then had a fab new model Ashley who had the most amazing head of bright red curly hair ever.  She was great, a real character who suffered for our art as we suggested she adopt one of Crawfurd's poses with the dangling arm.  It wasnt as comfortable as it first seemed and she was a real trouper sticking with it.  I had brought some different colours along with me, probably got a bit too muddy in the end chasing the light (how come light changes so dramatically indoors?!?!) but I enjoyed pushing the colours and doing a bit of knife work.  I used conte for the warm ups and was suprised that I found it trickier doing these closed poses in five mintues, harder to pin down the gesture.  I revisited them when I got home to see if I could improve them.  The trick with doing that is to photograph them first so you can redefine where necessary with reasonable accuracy.  All in all a good nights work!

Five minutes each plus extra time - Conte on cream A3 pastel paper

Oil on drafting film 10 x 12"

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