Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shadows and green and a BlogPlug

I've had too much going on in other areas recently which is disrupting my art focus and concentration but thank goodness for two hours sanctury each week at life class. Hopefully things will settle down again but this is pretty much all I have done in the last couple of weeks.  The week before last I suggested we enhanced the lighting for our session with Tom (an amazing professional model who can stand still for ages) so we had some more dramatic shadow.  It really suited his personality and worked out great for me and for the rest of the group too.  Painting is still a challenge and I am not quite in the swing of the preparation yet, there isnt much thinking or mixing time but I'll get there.

 5 minute warm ups on A1


I am painting 10" x 12" and that feels a bit small for a figure but I need to stay neat and contained to be able to cover the surface in the time and not destroy the gallery with my mess.

Trying to get to grips with photoshop I thought I would try and change around the background and see if I shouldnt have put the dark painting in the background on the light side.  Quite frankly fiddling around in photoshop is pretty tedious, I have no interest in learning it and just want to be able to do it and would rather have painted my edits.   In any case it was inconclusive as I am not sure which would have been best, the figure stands out more with the contrasts but is it better for it?  The challenge with this and presumably plein air which I have yet to embrace is making those instant decisions.  This is what I am happy to learn, much more fun than photoshop.
I did do a few edits at home, removed the shadow between the legs, tried to push the leg on the right back more and bring the other one forward and added some cool contrast to the skintone having just read Stapleton Kearns really timely piece about colour temperature and Emile Gruppe on his blog.  Blogplug for Stape because there is so much really excellent information, explanations and examples its incredible.  He is very funny too.  

My intentions this week were to do a crop of the figure and fill the canvas a bit more paint more but I struggled to make the best of the pose and then half way through the session the lighting totally changed as the model had to get into a warmer place.  I wasnt thrilled with my colour choices although I guess the softer look was appropriate for the model and the pose.  I'm looking forward to next week when I hope to use a palette knife and a different palette, more convenience colours.

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  1. I am sorry to be cruel ... but why are you doing this? There seems to be something missing ... feeling, observation .... Why do you paint?