Sunday, 18 March 2012

A touch of the Simpsons

Firstly the warm ups from last week, 5 minute poses then another 5 minutes at home to tidy up some.  I liked the poses Amy did, she really pushes herself on the short ones and challenges us.  I particularly liked the last gesture and it would make a good basis for a painting perhaps.

The painting is unfinished, I didnt resolve everything I wanted but there are things that worked.

This is from the week before and is Ashley posing as a Simpson character! Seriously the one paint you cant manage without is white and I'll never take it out of my kit again, naples yellow is no substitute.  I had meant to work on it some more later and restore her to a humanoid but I think I'll leave it as a permanent reminder to always be properly organised...


  1. Hi, Tina. I just spent some time on your blog and see you are doing really great work! Love the expressive life figure drawings and your lovely oil paintings! Its always interesting to read how another artist handles those awkward moments (like forgetting white paint!). I learn a lot from my mistakes too!

  2. Thanks Susan Mistress of Colour, its an honour to have you drop by as I am a HUGE fan of your work. I have recently been scrutinising your blog to try and work out how to suggest faces, hands etc without too much detail as its something I am struggling with at life sessions. Your work is masterful in that respect and I have concluded that you are just brilliant :). Awkward moments, I have many of them ha, but its all good fun.