Monday, 2 April 2012

In and Out

The last two weeks of the life sessions until after Easter.  The first one was a very tricky angle and has some issues with a different placement of the upper body after the models break, I had to fudge it a bit. I was much more pleased with the final painting of the season though, it came out quite well despite the lack of facial features.  All these paintings are under an hour and looking back at them all now I think standardising the sizes and materials has helped me find my way.

Both oil on matboard 10" x 12"

My first real oil painting en plein air........eek, there's only one way to go from here.  Its not easy but I need to get some practice in as I am doing a workshop in Italy next month with an amazing world class artist.  Four days of studying and painting the figure and four days plein air with an educational visit to Florence squeezed in too - I shall reveal more details as my preparations and research come together.
Oil on shellac sealed matboard 5" x 7"

This little scrap is a plein air done through my office window - oil on blue matboard 5" x 7".


  1. Hey Gf , ur powering on , the figures look Good and the Plein air is not easy I agree , but you will learn heaps, if ur anything like me , crying and rejoicing in the same breath ALOT... :)

  2. Hi Sandra, how ya doin? I shall visit The Rag soon and catch up with you all. Thanks for your support, the plein air is really good fun but a whole different ball game to the figure thats for sure.