Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 1 - Arrival in Rome

Having an early start of 3:30AM to fly out to Rome and arriving somewhat bleary eyed at the departure airport I was slightly put out by having to pay an excess baggage charge. I wasnt completely surprised as packing enough clothing and personal stuff for two weeks along with art equipment and a digital SLR was pretty challenging. I was wary of the fact that I needed to be able to carry/pull/lift or drag everything myself and tried to keep it to a minimum but I may need all those shoes, clothes and handbags. :)

Jason the organiser reckoned he would be the only one wearing a cap and therefore easily recognisable in the airport but the octogenarian I was following turned out not to be him although eventually I did meet up with them all. So we set off on the 100k journey to Corciano travelleling through glorious countryside and getting to know each other a bit on the way, two British, six aAmerican, and an Australian plus two Chinese American. Corciano is a tiny little gem of a place, a really picturesque medieval town on a hilltop with lovely friendly local people and the places we are all staying are very comfortable and spacious .

This afternoon we met The Master (and his charming wife) had a tour of the studio we will be working in and then this evening all went out together for a traditional Italian meal.

Tomorrow the work begins.

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  1. How exciting - wonderfully, fabulously exciting, Tina! I can't wait to hear about your experiences! Wow!

  2. Yey Yey! The adventure begins :)

    Wave Dave

  3. I cant get your picture to show....!

    Enjoy though Mama x