Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 4 - Revision, emphasis and another demo

Zhaoming did another demo for us this morning which really helped reinforce the teachings again after taking up the brushes ourselves. The model was in modern dress this time although I find any clothing a bit odd to be honest. He stressed the importance of contrast in all elements again and again. Warm, cool, soft and hard edges, light against dark, balance between left and right and above and below complimentary colours. I am pretty sure helicopter pilots don't have to think about this many things. Simple areas and more complex, muted colours against brighter, textured areas and plain. Is it sinking in yet? Oh and one thing he said which I really latched onto was if you are doing a high key painting then you paint the darks (really make sure the shapes are accurate) and on a low key one you paint the lights. I shall consider that carefully for a while, it's not something I have heard before and i shall study at his and others work with this in mind. He reminded us again how important shapes are and also to always set three values wherever they are in the piece.

In the afternoon we started our own painting. I will continue working on this again tomorrow and strangely this seemed a lot harder than the last painting so things went more slowly.

Here is the WIP from Zhaomings demo and the start of my painting.


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