Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 5 - Painting and pottery

We woke up to a cool and showery day today, it was practically British weather. It was supposed to be our last day of painting the figure before a two and a half day trip to Florence and Siena followed by four days of plein air. However due to various complications the trip was put back by a day so we will do a days plein air tomorrow and then go to Florence in the evening.

Today under Zhaomings guidance we finished the painting we started and then afterwards went to visit a local pottery to have a demonstration of the art of making a pot, several of the group even had a go themselves. It was really good fun and I took a lot of photos with potential as future paintings. This was followed by a lovely meal and a glass or two in a rather fabulous restaurant on the way back to our villas. A very good day.

I found this painting harder going even though I spent longer on it but maybe that's because there was so much more thinking going on. I wasn't overly happy with my capturing of the gesture but pushed along doing much adjusting and readjusting. Zhaoming recommends constant reckecking of the drawing. He is also trying to get us think about the overall design, value pattern, rhythm and flow and a good understanding of which areas to emphasise and which to downplay. In other words the artistry not just the technical stuff. My head is full of it all and I need to plug the gaps to make sure it doesnt escape. It's not really about the paintings one goes home with although they are valuable physical reminders of the lessons, more important is the knowledge and I am keen to find out how much I will have taken on board.

By the way Zhaomings wife is painting with us too, she is a very talented artist too. Her name is Qiuzhen Wei and she has one many awards with the Oil Painters of America - go look her up!

Not sure when I will be able to blog again but I shall be visiting David and will let you know how he is as soon as I can.

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