Monday, 21 May 2012

Workshop in Italy

So finally its nearly here, the highlight of my year and an important milestone in my artistic journey.  Later on this week I am flying off to Italy to attend a workshop with Zhaoming Wu the San Francisco based artist and teacher.  We are staying in Corciano in Umbria and will be studying the figure and lanscapes with trips to Florence, Montepulciano, Perugia and Assisi too.  Earthquakes permitting (that was terrible news this weekend) I shall be fully immersed in nothing but art for two weeks - heaven!  Watch this space.


  1. It sounds very exciting Tina, I look forward to hearing all about it. Am I right in assuming Zhaoming Wu is one of Kevin’s teachers and now his colleague? There is going to be so much to take in both history and art. Do you do shorthand :) ?

    Bright moments, Dave

  2. I am not sure Kevin has ever mentioned Zhaoming as one of his teachers, but after he commented on my thread on WC I think they may be colleagues but I am not entirely sure. Yes there is much to take in, which is why I thought documenting it by blogging as I go before might be a good idea both for my own records and for anyone else that may be interested. I love reading about this sort of thing. Anyway if I cant do it online I may have to resort to a notebook but no, I dont do shorthand.

    Here's to bright moments. Cheers!