Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 11 - Plein air and St Francis

We set off for Todi early this morning with the promise of a amazing views and and a great location to paint from and weren't disappointed. We have climbed a few pretty steep hills in the time we have been here but today we had a lift up to the panorama from the car park. The painting location was shaded for the whole day which was just as well as it was a clear and hot day from the outset. We set out to do one painting in the morning and one this afternoon and as it was the last painting day I was determined to make the most of it so didn't even break off to explore the town.

It was a good day for the whole group, but for those of us who hadnt done much plein air before we were introduced to the joys of painting in front of an audience. The views are a major tourist attraction (as were we it seemed) and it was noisy and crowded with people really interested in what we were doing. It didn't bother me too much but I had my headphones plugged in and managed to zone out mostly. People are friendly and kind for the most part but I was glad to have had this experience as part of a group because it is kind of weird. Oh and plein air is pretty challenging, reducing what you see before you and do a good composition is no mean feat, endless beauty has to be organised and thought about carefully. Zhaoming has a classical art education plus decades of experience in plein air as well as the figure so we have had some good guidance and strong foundations to build upon but it will require a lot of hard work and brush miles to get to grips with it.

We packed up in the late afternoon, it was still burning hot though, and set off on the 40 minute drive to Assisi. What a stunning place, a very imposing city on yet another mountaintop. This trip has been one stunning sight after another, none of them the same and all of them chocolate box beautiful. We explored on our own for a while and then met up as a group again for dinner. It was the last time all of us would be together so we enjoyed our first farewell dinner and a birthday celebration for one of my flat mates Martha. Jason presented us all with a token gift to take home as a reminder to keep on our journey and stay dedicated. It was a satisfying day and a fun night although I have to say that Assisi is one of the most bizarre places I have been to in so far as there is a Franciscan monastery, a Nunnary and yet another amazing Duomo but is also one of the most touristy places we have been to, really pushing the souvenirs and goodies and I am not sure what St Francis would have made of it all.







  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Tina, after all that wonderful food you will have to change the name of your blog :)

    1. You're not kidding Dave, I am not starving any more . There was a fair bit of walking in our diet too though and I dont know how I'll get by without climbing numerous hills each day.