Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 13 - Galleries and Gardens

I bet hardly anyone goes to the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna when they visit Rome. Well they should, it's got some little gems and if you walk quickly past the modern nonsense they have some really interesting works from the more sensible eras. They are also pretty unbothered about photos being taken - I usually opt for forgiveness rather than permission anyway unless I particularly don't want to be thrown out of a gallery. So I took a few snaps on my SLR (so cant post yet), captured a few names I didnt know and also applied some of my new knowledge to my 'seeing', looking for value patterns in the landscapes etc.

To drop a few names, they had a couple of Van Gogh's (from his peppermint period), a Repin!!! I spotted as stand out before I knew who's it was, some Boldini's (really not sure about him, the NPG in London got the best one) a Rossetti, (a pre-raphaelite in Rome, I like it), a very early Sorolla (when he was still brown) a Klimt (which instantly reminded me of one of the BP portrait award 2012 artists - one sees so much more when looking at the real thing), a Marcel Duchamp urinal (famous but....???) a Cezanne, a Modigliani and some others. I'll have to learn how to put up a slide show and upload all my cheeky pics.

This Modern museum is set at the edge of the Borghese gardens, a rather lovely place which just happens to have the Borghese museum within its grounds and which I just happen to have tickets for tomorrow. So perhaps it's Bellini's tonight and Bernini's tomorrow. Yeay!

Views from the hotel care of the extremely useful iPad


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