Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 9 - Plein air in Umbertide

Not Umber-tide but Uhm-bear-tee-deh! It'll take more than two weeks for me to get to grips with the lingo though, it's wonderful to listen to and so musical and pretty so who needs to understand it all?

Understanding the complexities of painting is a bit more important and plein air day no. 2 is a baby step nearer. Really it is very challenging, especially with all lush green everywhere. The last couple of days have been largely overcast so that gives us a consistent light which is helpful, its almost English, but I yearn to paint in the drama of bright Umbrian light that artists over the years have come here for.

We did two paintings today, I learnt more than is evident here and remain optimistic for tomorrow when we set off at the crack of dawn for Montepulciano and then Siena for the evening.

Several of us enjoyed an evening getting pixelated tonight (our crazy Oz companion Julie's phrase) and set the world to rights. I enjoyed a rather amazing truffle oil pasta dish - not sure I want to be acquiring a taste for truffles though.

Here are my two today and one from our first day. Slightly lousy photos I'm afraid.



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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time Tina :) I’m certainly enjoying following at a distance.
    Plus you are laying some firm foundations for your art the first plein air has some wonderful colours in it.
    It must have been exciting to find the Duveneck!

    Wave Dave