Saturday, 1 September 2012

Birthday Bouquet

I received a superb bouquet of flowers last week and was inspired to make my first serious attempt at capturing a floral arrangement in paint.  The hydrangea at the centre was the most intense purple/blue I have ever seen, it was a very unusual and special display.  

So this was painted alla prima from life in an afternoon apart from a few tweaks... there are always a few tweaks.  I seem to have got to the point now where I find it easier painting from life rather than photos and will do more of it.  I used my very best paints, some almost straight out of the tube and I really noticed how clean and pure the colours were.    I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

I had some random sized frames I picked up a while ago and got some hardboard board cut to fit and so chose this frame in advance - just propped in for the photo here, it still needs to dry.

Oil on Board 11 x 14"


  1. gREAT sTUFF ....gIRL .... Flowers they are the bomb are you !!!


    1. Hey Sandra, how are you doing, how is school going? Flower are the bomb eh, yes I like that. I need to do more. I still love your climbing roses, always inspired by your brushwork.

      Take care