Monday, 24 September 2012

New Life Group

I started going to a new life group a few Sundays ago, 5.30pm on a Sunday night isnt the best time of the week to muster the energy to move but its great once I get there.  I havent done two sessions a week for a long time but really do feel its necessary to improve but one of the main attractions for me at this new group is that it is run by Patrick Palmer whose work I know from my other group at Life the Gallery.  He is a tonalist and always ensures the lighting set up is fairly dramatic which suits me very well.  The running order is a bit odd, we start off with a longish pose, then do some super quick ones - 45 seconds which is just crazy, then maybe another long one or maybe a couple of shortish ones.  It keeps us on our toes and although I havent quite settled down with my materials or support sizes yet I definately wont be painting.  My aim is to get more art in my life work this season, technical mastery is still some way off but I think concentrating on the overall atmosphere, mood and the personality of the model for a while is a good plan. Still trying to remember to simplify - its soooo hard.  So these are from the last couple of weeks, various materials sizes and times.

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