Friday, 30 November 2012

water and oil do mix

Some life work from the last few weeks.  I inherited some Derwent watercolour pencils and a water brush and along with a set of Inktense I already had I thought I would have a go at the unpredictable and scary media. I quickly realised that 'colouring in' wasnt the way, its actually more like drawing than painting and less is more, so in that respect its quite useful for the warm ups.  Most of these are about 5 mins,  4ish loosely sketching and then a minute with the water pen releasing the pigment and ink and pushing it around a bit.  As you can see I am still working out colourways, a warm and a cool seems about right for the time and I think I prefer the more earthy colours.  I do flit about with my media, not sure if thats a good or a bad thing but I cant seem to help myself.


Still trying to speed paint in oils, I sometimes think I am mad trying to accurately capture a figure in an hour, it feels so frantic but it must be good practice.  Some are more finished than others but there is little time to think, plan, mix and correct never mind about making artistic decisions etc.  So if I have got the gesture and the proportions I am happy - so what if they just go into a great pile never to be seen again.  Colours are often hit and miss, sometimes palette leftovers, somtimes mixed without knowing exactly what colours I am using.  Painting in the evening in a low light often brings a colourful suprise the next morning in daylight but if the values are ok though thats fine with me - maybe I should check a few in black and white.  I'm hankering after doing a longer painting soon though and just have to decide what I want to do, thinking and planning is a luxury I havent had just lately.  I am going to commission myself to paint something for our newly decorated living room.  A master study perhaps, something from life, maybe something more abstract, the world is my oyster.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sandy and Brandywine

I haven't posted for a while but am still keeping up with the life sessions although not managing any other painting or artwork right now.  I've been to the US of A for a family wedding since my last post and just about managed to leave before Sandy arrived - my heart goes out to all those still affected by the disaster, its not in the media so much now  but I know many, many people are still suffering.   On our way back to Philadelphia airport we visited the famous Brandywine Museum home of the Wyeths.  I really enjoyed seeing the paintings of the three generations of Wyeth Artists and think Andrew was my favourite but there was inspiration to be had from much on display.  I was amazed to realise that many of Andrews works were tempera and watercolour, really beautifully and carefully painted and quite suprising.  Also there were some impressive pieces done with a drybrush technique which I dont fully understand yet. The museum building itself was impressive and the whole area is incredibly beautiful particularly in its autumn colours (Sandy probably ruined the effect a short while later).   A very special place, I would like to go back one day.

We also visited the Hagley Museum which is where the Dupont company started in the US by making gunpowder for the civil war - its also on the Brandywine Creek being geographically ideal for the purpose but its also stunningly beautiful with many varied and interesting vistas.  Sadly all I could manage was a few snaps and not even on my DSLR so they dont really do it justice but I'll share a few and you'll get the idea.   Twas a plein air painters dream!

Brandywine Museum area

 Hagley Museum area