Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sandy and Brandywine

I haven't posted for a while but am still keeping up with the life sessions although not managing any other painting or artwork right now.  I've been to the US of A for a family wedding since my last post and just about managed to leave before Sandy arrived - my heart goes out to all those still affected by the disaster, its not in the media so much now  but I know many, many people are still suffering.   On our way back to Philadelphia airport we visited the famous Brandywine Museum home of the Wyeths.  I really enjoyed seeing the paintings of the three generations of Wyeth Artists and think Andrew was my favourite but there was inspiration to be had from much on display.  I was amazed to realise that many of Andrews works were tempera and watercolour, really beautifully and carefully painted and quite suprising.  Also there were some impressive pieces done with a drybrush technique which I dont fully understand yet. The museum building itself was impressive and the whole area is incredibly beautiful particularly in its autumn colours (Sandy probably ruined the effect a short while later).   A very special place, I would like to go back one day.

We also visited the Hagley Museum which is where the Dupont company started in the US by making gunpowder for the civil war - its also on the Brandywine Creek being geographically ideal for the purpose but its also stunningly beautiful with many varied and interesting vistas.  Sadly all I could manage was a few snaps and not even on my DSLR so they dont really do it justice but I'll share a few and you'll get the idea.   Twas a plein air painters dream!

Brandywine Museum area

 Hagley Museum area

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