Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas bouquet inspiration

I received a lovely bouquet from my son and his young lady on Christmas Eve, its lasted really well so I thought it an ideal subject for a much needed painting fix.  I took out the gold sprayed leaves and red and cream roses to concentrate on the symphony of white lilies but still felt it justified quite a big support. This turned out to be a challenge to do in the time.  Flowers move only marginally less than human models and the blooms seemed to be opening before my eyes so this was done fairly quickly.  A photo of my setup and start, I knew it would be dark by the time I finished so I started with the lights on.

 Oil on 18" x 14" deep canvas

Paints used
Michael Harding (MH) Permanent Sap Green - love this for foliage
MH Bright Green Lake - does what it says on the tin, its bright
MH Titanium White
MH Flake White - not really needed
MH Bright Yellow Lake - a cool zingy yellow
Winsor and Newton Cad Yellow
Vasari Rousseau Green Extra Pale
Vasari Ultramarine Violet - not too strong so good for shadows and neutralising
Old Holland (OH) Red Gold Lake - excellent stamen colour right out of the tube
OH Green Earth - used for intitial drawing, not too strong
OH Neutral Tint - I find neutrals  useful when I dont have a classic red, yellow, blue palette

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  1. Beautifullllll Greens ... I appreciate you too loads Tiny ...xx smooches